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April 23, 2011
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Darth Revan Downfall WIP by JosephB222 Darth Revan Downfall WIP by JosephB222
I started working on this pic nearly two years ago, I think. It's supposed to be Revan on the bridge of her flag ship when Bastila and a squad of Jedi are trying to capture her, moments before Malak tries to blow her up. I wanted to have Revan Force choking a Jedi and have a couple of dead Jedi in the background (my Revan's a choker, she doesn't go for spamming Force lightning ;p )

It was also during a time I was getting a fair amount of people (trolls) "informing" me that Revan is male. As if by some miracle I wouldn't already know about the "official" canon :O_o: Especially with all the trolls whose sole purpose seems to be to spam every piece of female Revan fandom out there.

I wanted to wait until I was completely done before posting it, but I haven't been able to work on it for nearly a year :( And I've been starting to get quite a bit of spam on my Revan deviations again.

Though DA is no where near as bad as all the idiots on youtube, it had gotten to the point where I just felt like posting a deviation where I can explain once (and only once) why my Revan is who she is.

A video game called "Knights of the Old Republic" was released way back in 2003. I got it pretty much as soon as it was released. The first thing you have to do when you press start is choose your character. Now you're not choosing a Revan, you haven't even heard of Revan at this point. You can choose your character's class; soldier, scout, or scoundrel, and whether that character will be male or female. Since this was the first time in anything Star Wars a female could be the hero, I most certainly created a female character. If mermory serves my first character was a scout, whose outfit resembled Han Solo's (and because I really hated how the soldier and scoudrel outfits looked like.... plus the scout gets sexier looking underwear ;p which I wasn't aware of at that point =p ).

I don't remember the name I chose for my character that first playthrough, but during the second playthrough I named her "Chayla" (a random name the game generated) "Starcross" (a deliberate name I generated ;p ) and that's who she's been ever since.

Once you're done with that the game really begins and opens like any Star Wars movie with the fanfare and opening crawl. The crawl informs you of the situation and that the reigning Sith Lord Malak is the last apprentice of Darth Revan. And that's all you know about Revan so far. Your character wakes up on a Republic ship being attacked a boarded by Sith forces. If you're familiar with Bioware's other games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age then you'd be familiar with the story progression as your character continues on her/his journey meeting knew companions and learning new skills.

After the first act; escaping the planet Taris and meeting the majority of your companions, you go to the Dantooine Jedi Academy where you become a Jedi padawan. Here is where you learn the ways of the Force and more importantly get a lightsaber :D You also learn more about who Darth Revan was and that your companion Bastila was there when Malak betrayed Revan. Your quest to retrace Revan's steps to discover the secret of the Star Maps, which makes up the majority of the second act of the story.

The second act ends when you and your companions are captured and during your escaped you're confronted by the Sith Lord himself, Malak, and it's during that confrontation that you discover that YOU were actually Darth Revan all along.

Now I really feel sorry for Revan fans (male or female) if you only knew about Revan through comics, or more likely through Wookiepedia ;p , because actually experiencing this in the game was the second most awesome moment in Star Wars history (Vader revealing that he's Luke's father would be the first). And in a Sixth Sense-esque twist you realize that Revan was never referred to by gender and when Revan's face was finally revealed it was your character's face :omg:

When Malak betrayed Revan, she was critically wounded but Bastila was able to keep her alive using the Force, but Revan's mind and memories were shattered. Since the Jedi don't believe in executing prinsoners, plus they needed to know what Revan knew, they imprinted Revan with a new identity, the character you created before the game started. The experience was so positive that when I actually created a male character for a third playthrough, I only made it to Dantooine before I just had to stop and start over again with a female character.

The first official publication stating that Revan was canonically male didn't come out until sometime in 2007. That's about four years after the game came out. And I only found out about it because of all the idiots that were spamming videos on youtube featuring female Revan who just seemed only too eager to informed the "misguided" that Revan was truly male :O_o:

I mean, how insecure and frigthened of the thought of a female Revan, does someone have to be that they would continue to troll female Revan fandom nearly five years after Revan was canonically made male? I have nothing against male Revan fans, whether you're just going along with canon or escpecially if you've actually played the game that way. It's these annoying trolls that keep trying to "inform" me that Revan is male that really irritate me. Like they just can't stop gloating because they won (or as I like to think of it; Lucasart giving into the lowest common denominator).

Bottomline: when it comes to Revan, Lucasart fucked up. They just as easily could have kept Revan's gender a mystery the same way they've been keeping his face hidden. Bioware is doing that exact thing right now with Commander Shepard and (shocking to some) it's working! So I'm sure as hell not going to cater to that mistake. I'm prefectly fine with my Revan :D

So I hope this explains, or at least gives a better understanding to those who wonder why my Revan is and always will be female. And if it doesn't then you're one of the trolls I've been talking about.
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Draceer Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Looks pretty much just like my Revan.
DustAngel Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My Revan was/is the female with exactly the face you picked, as well. And that's that.
Rikuthedragonslayer Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CenturyNitro Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013
While I've never played KoTOR (avid SWTOR player though), I will still give you kudos for sticking with your own Revan against all these trolls and purists. xD

The mysterious aspect and not to mention the possibility of choice is far more interesting then the generic ''male human warrior'' or ''male human soldier'' characters.
Eihort Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013

Late to the party, but that reveal in the game had me floored too. I had no idea it was coming. On another note, wasn't JKA out by then? There you were given a gender neutral name (for NPC voice overs to work properly) and were allowed to play the game as a male/female/alien.


There's always Exile! :D

waterphoenix857 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
love her and i dont mind if revan's a guy or girl even tho i haven't played kotor so good job on it on a side note she looks very hot ;) XD
Kreite Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
I always preferred the idea that Revan was female and the exile was male: speaking as a male myself there's something oddly titillating about the thought of a woman doing all the things Revan did: mandolorian wars, Jedi civil war, saving the republic etc.

Though I only ever got to play KOTOR 2, the first game was spoiled for me by the fandom so my opinion and preference is unquestionably bias.
ChrisMillerGU Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Canon shmanon. The whole thing's fictional anyway, so nobody has a right to troll you. Great job!
in-the-footsteps Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Revan is awesome male or female.
EonOrteaShadowmaster Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Student Writer
Wow. Terrifyingly beautiful.
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